rutile rental kimono

Asakusa Walking(Promenade) With Kimomo

You can enjoy taking a walk and eating by dressed up with Kimono and share photos with your friends and your partner by using SNS!!

Rental Plan

Standard Ensemble Plan


Kawaii Ensemble Plan

We will provide you with a "Kawaii" Kimono which is different from regular Kimono.

Graceful Ensemble Plan

We will provide you with a high-quality Kimono.

Yukata Plan

Walking around with wearing cool Yukata in summer.

Standard Plan for Men


Standard Plan for Couple

This plan is for couples.

"Kawaii" Plan for Couples

Show off your high-quality “Kawaii” ensemble to your partner!

Family Plan

This plan is for parents and two children. Add ¥1000 per child for third child or more.

process of Rental



Coming to the store




Selection of Kimono


Hair-styling & Make up


Dressing Kimono








Can I cancel the reservation?

Yes you can.
If you contact us, you can cancel for free. However, A cancellation fee will be charged in case you don’t contact us.

Can I use a credit card?

Sorry, you can't.

Can I change my plan on the day of?

Yes, you can.
Please tell the receptionist when you arrive at our store.

What should I bring?

We have all the necessary items you need, so you don't need to bring anything.

How long does it take to wear a Kimomo?

We estimate thirty minutes for preparation.

Can you look after my clothes and the baggages?

Yes we can.
However, please keep articles of value with you at all times.

Can you look after my suitcase?

We can keep large baggage for ¥500 for each, but we may not be able to keep them during rush hour.

Do I have to pay for the damage to a Kimono if I spill a drink on it?

No, you don't have to pay for it.

Store Information

Address A-One Building 5F
1-33-8 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
Phone 03-6802-7141
Open 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

'Rutile' will rent a kimono that will suit you.
We will provide you with a "Kawaii" style.
We will do our best to make your "Asakusa Walking in a Kimono" an amazing experience.